CEU Courses

One of the best ways we serve the architectural and design community is with our specialized continued education courses (CEUs). Our CEU courses cover topics from inspiration to sustainability, and are certified by the Interior Design Continued Education Council (IDCEC), the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

Current Course Offerings:

Human Benefits of Designs with Nature – 102167

0.I Hour Credit (IDCEC, AIA, GBCI)
Intermediate Level

Course Category: Health, Safety, and Welfare

Course Instruction Concept:

The intent is to present new ideas supporting the human benefits of designing with nature, facilitating interior designers’ dialogue with clientele regarding increasing productivity and improving their ROI. Biophilic design relates directly to the interior design profession’s contribution to enhanced business results.

The course content is based on the recent research study about biophilic design developed by Terrapin Bright Green. This quantitative study demonstrates the significant impact of biophilia on five market segments, including Healthcare, Education, Retail, Corporate, and Community.

The CEU courses are offered in select areas.

Your local architectural representative will contact your firm if the CEU course is offered in your area.