Decorative Laminate

Lamin-Art’s decorative laminates have been used in distinctive commercial interiors, including high-end hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces, for more than 50 years to add dramatic and captivating elements to each design. Explore each collection to be inspired for your next project.


A unique collection of geometric, random and organic patterns designed using the latest in printing technology. Each design is inspired by a wide range of ancient and modern artistic influences resulting in a diverse, yet contemporary selection of designs that compliment any interior space.

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Naturals Burlap

Burlap, a rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable material, is at the heart of this series. Made from laminating 100% jute textile, our Burlap products will bring an earthy flavor to your designs.

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Pearlescence® features a full range of expressive hues with a rhythmic vitality not found in standard solid colors. Inspired by the reflective qualities found in haute couture make-up. The Pearlescence collection coordinates seamlessly with other materials and incorporates both contemporary and timeless color trends. Enjoy the freedom to mix and match colors and finishes to create unique and inspiring design options.

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Premium Wood Prints

From subdued to dramatic, rustic to refined, naturally warm to elegantly cool, our Premium Wood Prints will help you create the perfect mood for your interiors. Each of our wood prints is carefully designed to reflect the true beauty of natural wood. The collection offers a broad spectrum of species and hues to elevate the impact of the designed space.

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Naturals Abaca

Recycled banana fibers give our popular Abacá series its truly organic look and naturally dimensional surface. You’ll also enjoy their environmental benefits as well as their evocative, nature-inspired hues.

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Explore our mix of cool blues, lush grays, soft naturals and citrus hues.

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