Redmond Dental

The Redmond Dental Room utilizes variegated hued counter spaces in granite-similar finishes to provide a comforting interior examination room for the practice patients. The patient care area features a seating nook with coordinated throw pillows and state of the art equipment for the ease of managing patient care. Storage areas utilize light brown wood type of finishes with complementing decorative accents. The lobby features white smooth-edged architecture, clear bold lines and smooth angled contours which are perfect for greeting patients to the professional dental practice. The color palette uses off white, a hint of blue and light brown schemes, to offer a relaxing atmosphere for each patient. The 974 Brown Annigre inspires a spa-like quality of calming tones when used in a professional clinical setting and environment.
Moody AL
Pernula Planning and Design
Products used
  1. Brown Annigre Brown Annigre - 974