Using an exclusive manufacturing process, our Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection™ increases the surface abrasion resistance without sacrificing their beauty. It’s available on select Pearlescence® laminates. The result: Pearlescence® laminates with Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection™ are suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Please note that, according to the NEMA manual: “The scratch resistance of HPDL is influenced by lightness and gloss. Lighter colors and textured surfaces have better scratch resistance than darker, smoother colors. Therefore, the choice of color and finish should be made to suit the particular application for which it is intended.???


For installations with both vertical and horizontal surfaces, we recommend specifying our regular Pearlescence® product for the vertical surface and a matching or corresponding pattern with Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection for the horizontal surface. This allows you to maximize the visual impact of your design while providing the durability you need. Another option to consider is specifying our Chrysalis™ line, which features the look and feel of brushed metal, for the vertical surfaces.