Grades and Sizes

GP28 [Vertical Grade]: (thickness: 0.038″± 0.0015″ (0.97mm ± 0.038mm)) Metal-Art™ is recommended for vertical and non-working interior applications only.

Metal-Art Classics Textures
CLASSICThe new standard of brushed metal beauty, perfectly coordinated with our exclusive Metal-Art designs. Mix and match at your leisure.
WAVESA flowing surface reminiscent of the timeless fluidity of rippling water or the sensuality of undulating sand dunes.
STRIATIONSA dynamic surface of linear three-dimensionality offering an illusion of spontaneous movement.
Metal-Art Impressions Textures
POLISHEDA smooth and fluid like surface.
MESHUndulating parallel lines that project rhythm and movement.
NETA geometric grid of three-dimensional pyramids.
DOTSSymmetrical hollow points on a metal surface.
LINESAn embossed pattern of varying line weights.
STRIPESA series of contoured stripes create the illusion of movement.
Metal-Art Impressions Finishes
GlazedAn exclusive, liquid-like metal finish.
MirrorA highly reflective finish.

This section contains detailed technical specification, installation and maintenance information for our line of premium decorative high-pressure laminates and Metal-Art. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or need additional information, please contact Customer Service at 800.323.7624 or Adobe Reader may be required to view and download some documents. Get it here free.

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