Introducing New Pearlescence and Premium Wood Prints by Lamin-Art

Explore 20 new designs from two of our most popular collections.

SCHAUMBURG, IL (09/21/15) — Lamin-Art is pleased to introduce 10 new wood-grains and 10 new pearlescent colors to their popular Premium Wood Prints and Pearlescence lines. In keeping with Lamin-Art’s longstanding history of innovation and tradition of quality, both the Premium Wood Prints and Pearlescence collections are distinguished by the inclusion of metallic and pearlized inks that elevate these new colors and wood grains to an unparalleled level of richness and luxury.

The Premium Wood Prints are sought after for their beauty and realism, a byproduct of the four-stage printing process used exclusively by Lamin-Art to create the highest quality surfaces in the industry. The pearlized inks introduced by Lamin-Art over two decades ago have been added to the printing process for extra depth and reflectivity. “Subtle iridescent inks bring the grain structure to life and add movement to the designs — you can’t take your eyes off it!” says Hans Mutzke, Lamin-Art’s design director. With dramatic and realistic grains inspired by Ash, Sycamore, Maple and Ironwood trees, designers have a wide array of choices to add a touch of sophistication to any project. The new Premium Wood Prints are available in Velva-Tex (VT), Gloss (G), and Supermatte (SM) finishes and are available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets.

Drawing inspiration from around the world, the 10 new Pearlescence colors feature global hues ranging from French White and Florentine Brown to Wild Violet and Classic Teal. Though vivid, these colors coordinate seamlessly with other materials and each other, allowing designers the opportunity to mix and match for a truly unique palette of surfacing materials. The pearlized inks added during the printing process give these contemporary colors a vibrancy and vitality not found elsewhere. Like the Premium Wood Prints collection, the new colors in the Pearlescence line are, as Mutzke says, “a nod to our past, present, and future, and our continual commitment to bring innovative, premium products to the marketplace.” Pearlescence is available in six exclusive finishes: Textured (T), Gloss (G), Chrysalis® (A), Catalyst® (B), Crisscross (L), and Corrugated (C). Pearlescence is also available in 4’x’8 and 4’x10’ sheets.

Premium Wood Prints and Pearlescence are suitable for use in hospitality, retail, education, corporate projects, and more. Exuding luminosity and embodying luxury, the new Premium Wood Prints and Pearlescence are guaranteed to inspire. Visit for more information or to order samples.

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