Lamin-Art Adds 10 New Species to the Veneer-Art Collection

Beauty straight from the forest – real wood grain cut from the real tree.

SCHAUMBURG, IL (07/06/15) — Lamin-Art will add 10 new species to the Veneer-Art Collection of high performance real wood veneers. Just like the rest of the collection, these new veneers are made from real wood and bring a distinct character to the collection. From the straight and even grain of the eucalyptus to the open grain of the walnut, the 10 new species create a rich and refined palette.

“These 10 new species are truly beautiful and take the Veneer-Art collection to the next level,” says Hans Mutzke, Lamin-Art’s design director. “The variety of the grains and the juxtaposition of rich and subdued tones of wood speak directly to the trends we are seeing in design today of authentic, rustic and refined materials.”

Veneer-Art is the only pre-finished, ready to install wood veneer that comes from the actual tree it is named for, and not manufactured with reconstituted wood. The latest additions to the Veneer-Art Collection include Eucalyptus, Elm, Walnut, Sycamore and Limba. Each new product is made with real wood grain cut from the real tree.

The latest Veneer-Art species are divided into three distinct categories: Rich, Rustic, and Bright. Within these categories, the new species provide a wide range of color and grain options for a variety of applications.

Even though these are new products made from new species of wood, the standard of quality remains the same. As with all Veneer-Art products, the latest species undergo a unique production process to preserve the grain structure and texture of each tree species. The melamine finish provides a highly durable surface resistant to scratches, dents, and stains making Veneer-Art the ideal solution for high-wear applications. Finally, since Veneer-Art is made from real wood, every sheet is unique.

Veneer-Art is available in 4’x10’ sheets and three distinct finishes – Tru-Grain, Weathered-Grain, and Rift-Grain. Edgebanding is also available for all Veneer-Art products. Veneer-Art is ideal for corporate, hospitality, retail, healthcare and education. Create rich and naturally refined interiors with the Veneer-Art collection. Visit for more information or to order samples.

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