Significant Representation of Lamin-Art Collections Now Inducted into the Material ConneXion Library

Lamin-Art Pearlescence Gemstone and Naturals Burlap join Metal-Art designs in a library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials.

SCHAUMBURG, IL 12/11/2013 — We are pleased to announce that two more of our collections, Pearlescence Gemstone and Naturals Burlap, will be added to the Material ConneXion libraries of innovative materials.

Since its beginning, the Material ConneXion has curated leading-edge materials and innovative design developments to ‘feed the soul’ of product designers, which has lead to enhanced design aesthetics and solutions. And with the addition of Pearlescence and Naturals Burlap, the library now holds half of Lamin-Art’s six collections, as Metal-Art was added to the library in August.

“I am especially honored for our organization to now have three product collections included in the Material ConneXion Library,” says Georgy Olivieri, Lamin-Art’s Vice President of Sales. “Our inclusion is a premiere endorsement of our legacy of design innovation.”

After bring assessed by a panel of design professionals, experts in the materials field, the two collections were selected to join the ranks of cutting-edge materials in the largest library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes in the world.

“The Lamin-Art collections of Pearlescence Gemstone and Naturals Burlap designs demonstrate unique aesthetic qualities highly desired in interior environments: light reflective, sophisticated colorations, and natural material textures that invite human touch,” Olivieri says.

Pearlescence Gemstone features a full range of expressive hues with a dimensionality not found in standard solid colors. Inspired by the reflective qualities found in haute couture make-up, Lamin-Art was the first to feature the same ingredients in its pearlized ink to produce solid color designs. Unique in the marketplace, Lamin-Art has the most extensive line of pearlescent architectural surfaces.

The Naturals Burlap design renders the random natural beauty of actual jute textile with the protective surface of a high-performance decorative laminate. Burlap, a rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable material, is at the heart of the series, which brings an earthy aesthetic with a tactile user experience. The irregularities found in the textile communicate its beauty with rare authenticity.

Both of these designs add tangible differences in the user experience of interior environments. Explore both collections in entirety at today.

About Material ConneXion:
Material ConneXion is made up of an international team of multidisciplinary experts that bridge the gap between science and design to create practical manufacturing solutions. Widely regarded an authority on materials, and as the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations, the Material ConneXion team includes Ph.D. material scientists and material specialists with cross-industry work experience at Fortune 500s and national laboratories.

About Lamin-Art:
Lamin-Art is the North American design leader in architectural surfaces, including decorative laminates; pre-finished, real wood veneers; and embossed metallic designs. With a philosophy of anticipating trends to develop and market innovative servicing materials, Lamin-Art partners with interior designers, architects and fabricators to facilitate their visions by providing innovative products that add value and elegance to interior spaces. Visit for more information.

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