Lamin-Art’s Metal-Art™ Included in Materials ConneXion Library

Metal-Art™ joins cutting-edge materials in a library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials.

SCHAUMBURG, IL 08/27/2013 — We are pleased to announce that our newest architectural surface, Metal-Art™, will now be displayed in 10 Material ConneXion libraries of innovative materials, including New York, Bangkok, Beijing, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, Skövde.

Acting as a catalyst for new material and product ideas, Material ConneXion is dedicated to identifying industry trends, and providing a comprehensive overview of today’s innovative and sustainable material solutions.

After bring assessed by a panel of creative professionals with materials experience, Metal-Art™ was selected to join the ranks of 7,000 cutting-edge materials in the largest library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes in the world.

“Designers and architects are the visionaries defining the future of our spaces and environments,” says Hans Mutzke, Lamin-Art’s design director. “This breakthrough collection was designed to answer the call from those visionaries for new ideas and materials.”

The collection includes five large-scale, distinctive designs that are captivating from a distance and texturally stimulating up close:

  • Waves: A flowing surface reminiscent of the timeless fluidity of rippling water or the sensuality of undulating sand dunes.
  • Axis®: Inspired by avant-garde angularity, proactive lines intersect and converge at all angles.
  • Striations®: A sophisticated rectangular motif with an emphasis on the vertical and horizontal three-dimensionality of the surface.
  • Interlink®: A contemporary translation of the classical ornamental frieze motif into a bold and inspiring large-scale design.
  • Geometrix®: A versatile design of harmony, balance and playful visual symmetry that aligns basic rectangles into random, proportional linearity.

Each design is available in four traditional metallic colorations: brushed aluminum, brushed stainless, brushed champagne and brushed bronze. Lamn-Art designers Hans Mutzke and Virginie Boucher even had the foresight to thoughtfully design the surfaces so they seamlessly match when Metal-Art™ sheets are applied side-by-side and end-to-end.

Metal-Art™ designs come in 4’x10’ sheets, and are ideal for hospitality, retail, healthcare, office and educational interiors. Create a unique and captivating environment with the Metal-Art™ Collection.

About Material ConneXion:
Material ConneXion is made up of an international team of multidisciplinary experts that bridge the gap between science and design to create practical manufacturing solutions. The team included Ph.D. material scientists and material specialists with cross-industry work experience at Fortune 500s and national laboratories.

Widely regarded an authority on materials, and as the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations, Material ConneXion, has contributed to publications and spoken about materials innovation, the strategic value of materials, and sustainable material solutions, among other things.

About Lamin-Art:
Lamin-Art is the North American design leader in architectural surfaces, including decorative laminates, pre-finished, real wood veneers, and embossed, metallic surfaces. With a philosophy of anticipating trends to develop and market innovative servicing materials, Lamin-Art partners with interior designers, architects and fabricators to facilitate their visions by providing innovative products that add value and elegance to interior spaces. Go to for more information.

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