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Lamin-Art Introduces new Pearlescence Gemstones Collection at IIDEX CANADA 2012

Schaumburg, IL
, September 18, 2012 – Lamin-Art, Inc. will be premiering their new Pearlescence Gemstone Collection at IIDEX NEOCON 2012.

From the earliest of times and continuing through today, the unique beauty and vibrancy of precious and semiprecious gemstones have truly captivated people. And now, inspired by their radiance, Lamin-Art is releasing eleven innovative new colorations as part of its Pearlescence collection. Called the Pearlescence Gemstone Collection, the colorations include gray opal, azurite, ametrine, black onyx, silver topaz, moonstone, bronzite, garnet, emerald, citrine, and amethyst.

“We are delighted to expand our options with this line of decorative surface materials,” says Hans Mutzke, Design Director for Lamin-Art. “They will truly create astounding sensory experiences, radiate beauty, and inspire awe.”

In addition to the eleven new colorations, the Corrugated finish is also now available for all Pearlescence items. Inspired by the fluted construction of corrugated cardboard, this finish yields a matte surface of alternating channels and ridges, making environments seemingly change and move when experienced in different levels of light.

“The Corrugated finish is a wonderful fit for the Pearlescence Collection,” says Mutzke. “It’s availability with all Pearlescence colors gives architects and interior designers the potential to stun and mesmerize in a truly profound way.”

The addition of the eleven new gemstone inspired colors and the Corrugated finish to the Pearlescence collection gives designers and architects a total of 405 unique combinations of colors and finishes, which can then be mixed and matched for a truly endless range of design possibilities.

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Lamin-Art, Inc. is the North American design leader in premium decorative laminate and wood veneer surfaces. For more than 50 years, they have been supplying commercial interior design and architectural professions with an exceptional selection of innovative products and outstanding customer service. Their exclusive patterns can be found in high-profile retail stores, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, store fixtures, trade show exhibits and more. A privately held company based in Schaumburg, IL. their philosophy is to research, develop and market leading decorative surfacing materials that add value and a distinctive touch to commercial projects. Go to www.lamnart.com for more information.

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