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Lamin‐Art showcases new tactile high‐pressure decorative laminates at HD Expo. See – and feel – their new organic‐looking Naturals Collection, as well as new Premium Wood Prints in booth 1454.

Schaumburg, Ill. (May 1, 2012) — Renowned for offering the most design forward highpressure decorative laminate surfaces in the industry, Lamin‐Art is premiering its expanded Naturals Collection at HD Expo. Now comprised of 18 “naturally inspiring” decorative surfaces, the Naturals Collection incorporates eco‐friendly materials such as burlap textile and banana fibers. “These new surfaces present an understated elegance not commonly found in HPL, and will inspire fresh applications for decorative laminates,” comments Hans Mutzke, Design Director for Lamin‐Art. The company will also be showcasing 23 new wood interpretations being added to its Premium Wood Prints collection, many of which are further enhanced by the new Fine Grain finish. This new matte finish, consisting of a vertical graining with a subtle pore structure, will help interior designers convey a more relaxed sense of elegance. The Naturals, Tactile by Nature.

The Naturals Collection features the earthy pattern of Abacá, a high‐pressure laminate made using recycled banana fibers ‐ harvesting residues sourced from Central and South American plantations. Three new colorations are now part of the Abacá line: the dark and mysterious 8010‐Carbon, the light and airy 8011‐Muslin, and the cool 8013‐Slate. They complement the existing 8002‐Burlap, 8005‐Moss and 8009‐Java. Burlap, also part of the Naturals Collection, represents at once a design innovation and a technical breakthrough. The fruit of over a year of design research and development, Burlap is made by laminating real burlap cloth, revealing a surface with a rustic elegance and a subtle texture. Due to the extreme popularity of the two original items, Lamin‐Art has expanded the line to now 6 colorations: 501‐Bleached Burlap, 502‐ Natural Burlap, 503‐Organic Burlap, 504‐Coffee Bean Burlap, 505‐Smoked Charcoal Burlap, and 506‐Ash Grey Burlap.

And last but not least, the Naturals Collection also encompasses 6 subdued Abstracts prints available with the Corrugated finish, yielding a matte surface of alternating channels and ridges inspired by the fluted construction of corrugated cardboard. Select favorites now enhanced with the Corrugated finish include: 225‐ Barley Paperform, 226‐Sienna Paperform, 229‐Flax Paperform, 241‐Lunar Sandstorm, 242‐Celestial Sandstorm, and 243‐Terrestrial Sandstorm.

Premium Wood Prints: The Essence of Selection, Sophistication and Style.
The Lamin‐Art Design Team has also created 23 new interpretations of nature that will allow designers to bring an entirely new sense of elegance to their commercial interiors. They can select from a broad spectrum of species and hues inspired by a global vision, where neutral tones and distinctive grain structures will help set a refined or a rustic mood.

“There is a renewed interest to let the wood reveal all of its natural defects or character markings,” says Mutzke, adding: “We have created new designs for the Premium Wood Prints collection that present realistic characteristics such as saw cuts, chisel markings, knots and other natural features. They are authentic representations of rough sawn, washed or weathered woods.” For a more subdued look, a selection of refined wood grains are rendered in a muted color palette of warm or cool wood tones. They will easily complement other natural materials such as stone or metals in order to create environments with a contemporary take on ”back to nature”. Furthermore, the new Fine Grain finish adds to the realism with its vertical graining and subtle pore structure. All 23 new options express the true beauty of wood, at a fraction of the cost, and provide unsurpassed durability. “In an age of globalization, there is an increasing need for rarity, individualism and uniqueness in the selection of materials that make up our interior spaces and environments”, reflects Mutzke. He pursues: “Interior designers and architects are the visionaries that are in a constant quest to find what’s new and what’s next. With these new products, we have crafted surfacing materials that will allow them to create multisensory experiences that will translate into lasting impressions.” These new surfaces will be on display in Lamin‐Art booth 1454 at HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 15‐17, 2012.

Please visit www.laminartnaturals.com and www.laminartPWP.com or call 800.323.7624 for more details, to request samples or to order products.

About Lamin‐Art
Lamin‐Art, Inc. is the North American design leader in premium decorative laminate and wood veneer surfaces. For more than 50 years, Lamin‐Art has been supplying commercial interior design and architectural professions with an exceptional selection of innovative products and outstanding customer service. Lamin‐Art’s exclusive patterns can be found in high‐profile retail stores, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, store fixtures, trade show exhibits and more. The company’s philosophy is to research, develop and market leading decorative surfacing materials that add value and a distinctive touch to commercial projects. Lamin‐Art is a privately held company based in Schaumburg, Ill., U.S.A.

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