CE Course on HPL Advancements

Course title: Creative advancements in the manufacture and application of HPL
AIA/CES course: LAM100
IDCEC course: 5337
Duration: 1 hour

The objective of this course is to educate architects and interior designers on the flexibility of high-pressure decorative laminate both as a functional and as a design-statement surfacing material.  Participants should gain a basic knowledge of how HPL is manufactured, and how technological advances in this process can add visual interest to the product, resulting in eye-catching applications.  Participants should come away from this presentation with a better understanding of how the components of high-pressure laminate can be modified in order to create unique and exclusive products; resulting in a new appreciation for this versatile surfacing material.

Contact your local Architectural Representative to schedule a presentation, or visit the AIA online course directory to learn more.

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