Lamin-Art Adds Special Door Sizes

(SCHAUMBURG, Il ) – June, 2009   Lamin-Art is proud to announce that the majority of our renowned Premium Wood Prints high-pressure decorative laminates are now available in special order sizes for door manufacturers.  Now, in addition to our standard 4' X 8' and 4' X 10' sheet sizes, door manufacturers can choose 3' X 7' and 3' X 8' sheets specifically sized to minimize material waste.

Lamin-Art's Premium Wood Prints collection features the most realistic reproductions and the widest variety of wood species available in high-pressure decorative laminate.  Featuring a wide variety of species, including the rare and endangered Rosewood and Ebony, the unique Koa and Olivewood, and contemporary classics like Cherry and Maple, Lamin-Art's wood grains offer door manufacturers the appearance of natural wood at a fraction of the cost of real veneers.  As an added bonus, the superior durability of high-pressure laminate means doors are easy to maintain and can better withstand typical wear and abuse, preserving their natural beauty for years.

A minimum order of 100 sheets is required when requesting special 3' X 7' and 3' X 8' door sizes. Orders must be of an identical pattern number.  A two week lead time also applies for all door size orders, and returns cannot be accepted. Products that are available for order in door sizes are noted in our Stock List and on with a full triangle (p).

For more information on availability and pricing for 3' X 7' and 3' X 8' door sized-sheets, contact our Customer Service Department at 800.323.7624 or your local Lamin-Art Architectural Representative.

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