Celebrating 25 years of Pearlescence!

SCHAUMBURG, IL (June 1, 2009) – For years, cosmetic companies have known that subtle sparkles and the shimmer of light can instantly capture our attention. Taking cues from the cosmetic industry, Lamin-Art, the leader in premium decorative laminates, first employed pearlized inks to create its Pearlescence collection in 1984. This June, Lamin-Art is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pearlescence by launching its newest and largest collection featuring 50 colors and 6 finishes for a total of 300 color/finish options.

Pearlescence: The Perfect Choice for Professionals
The Pearlescence collection, with its glamorous luster, was designed for the commercial specification industry. "In its 25-year history, Pearlescence has grown to become a staple for applications in retail and hospitality interiors, but is also widely used in education, corporate and other environments where materials have to make a more subdued statement," said Stephanie Goudreau, marketing manager, Lamin-Art. "A great color palette combined with the product's ability to reflect and refract light can draw a customer's interest. In today's highly competitive market, these attention-grabbing properties are more important than ever."
As a result of the upcoming expansion of the collection, design professionals will have access to the widest range of pearlescent hues in the industry. And with the ability to select from an exclusive array of classic to avant-garde finishes, they will be able to create almost limitless premium laminate designs.

Eye-catching Iridescence Enlivens Surfaces
Manufactured using proprietary techniques and exclusive pearlized inks, Pearlescence premium decorative laminate refracts light, making surfaces appear more expressive while adding visual depth and capturing attention. Unlike standard solid color laminates, Pearlescence is fluid, full of movement and pulsing with rhythmic vitality.
"Everything is based on light. You can't design anything without knowing that light is the final arbitrator," says Hans Mutzke, design director, Lamin-Art. "The iridescent hues of pearl luster pigments found in the Pearlescence collection create sophisticated surfaces that flow and move as the light changes. Designers can really appreciate the endless possibilities offered by the light reflectivity of these rich pearl luster solids."
With its eye-catching qualities, Pearlescence is perfect for a broad range of commercial interiors including cruise ships, casinos, hotels, restaurants and bars. In addition, Pearlesence laminates are regularly tapped for commercial and institutional designs such as schools, libraries, retail, exhibits, displays and corporate show rooms.

Designers Color Palette, Six Finish Options
Among the 32 new colors are timeless neutrals including Chablis, Fawn, Silk Road and Portabella. The addition of a striking Medieval Purple, Beryl and Red Oxide reflect the popularity of using on-trend fashion colors in commercial designs.

All colors in the new collection are available in the four existing and two new finishes: Chrysalis®, Catalyst®, Textured, Gloss as well as the two new options, Wisp and Crisscross. Wisp features airy striations of matte and semi-gloss finishes undulating lengthwise along the sheet. Crisscross has the appearance and texture of a faintly woven pattern with touches of shimmer and matte. Pearlescence is available in 48" x 96" and 48" x 120" sheets.

Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection
In order to achieve the perfect light reflection and refraction, Pearlescence laminate is produced with a reduced amount of melamine. This results in a surface more suitable for light wear or vertical applications. Many Pearlescence products may be specified with Oyster Shield High-Wear ProtectionTM in a Textured finish. This surface enhancement provides increased durability and abrasion/scratch resistance, allowing these products to exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards for abrasion/scratch resistance and rendering them suitable for use on high-wear horizontal surfaces.

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