Throw Them for a Curve

Lamin-Art Exhibits New View Of Laminate

Schaumburg, IL (October 2005) – In 2005, Lamin-Art, a U.S.-based supplier of premium decorative high-pressure laminates, sought to re-define the conventional view of laminate as a flat surfacing material.  Leveraging an extensive trade show schedule, Lamin-Art introduced a new exhibit space where all elements emphasized curves including stark white curvy fabric walls and large 6 and ten inch diameter tubes wrapped in a selection of the company's decorative laminate line.  In order to achieve the effect, readily available vertical grade laminate was specified.  At a thickness of .028", vertical grade laminate can be cold bent to a radius of 7 inches and formed with heat to a radius as small as 5/8".  The result was an exhibit that not only served to showcase Lamin-Art's line of premium decorative laminates, but also educate and inspire specifiers and fabricators alike to think out of the box and use laminate for innovative, eye-catching applications.

In addition to increasing booth traffic, the product tubes generated quite a buzz among attendees at both design and woodworking/fabricator shows.  Several attendees questioned how the effect was created, mistakenly thinking that post-forming grade laminate was necessary to produce the curvature.  Attendees were seen returning to the Lamin-Art booth with friends and colleagues to share what they had seen and learned.  As a reward for their interesting concept and execution, Lamin-Art received an honorable mention Showstopper Award from the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) at this year's AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.  Special thanks to Paul Fujihara at Outhouse Design for the creative concept and to Matt Heinze and crew at GES Exposition Services for bringing the idea to life in the workshop and on the trade show floor.

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