It's a Metal-Morphosis!

Schaumburg, IL (March 2004) – Lamin-Art, recognized industry-wide for its innovative design-statement laminates, proudly unveils ChrysalisTM, the latest evolution in the art of laminates.  Named for the mature gold-speckled cocoon that houses the natural transformation of a caterpillar into a unique and beautiful butterfly, Chrysalis signifies a metal-morphosis by Lamin-Art.  This unique surfacing material marries the brilliance and texture of brushed metal with the simplicity and convenience of an HPL.  Chrysalis by Lamin-Art represents a new form of expression for depth and dimensionality in commercial interior design.

ChrysalisTM features crisp defined etched grooves that absorb and reflect hidden metallic nuances, to create a linear multi-dimensional texture.  The gently etched directional finish of Chrysalis, running lengthwise along the sheet, provides unequalled light reflection and design impact without the fingerprints and smudges typically associated with metallic surfaces.  Emerging from the Chrysalis is a new surfacing material, challenging both tactile and visual sensibilities, transcending the limits of laminates.  Chrysalis is offered in 13 modern yet classically stylish hues.

ChrysalisTM is recommended for use on interior vertical and non-working horizontal surfaces typically exposed to low wear.  Its universal appeal makes Chrysalis ideal for a wide range of commercial design applications including retail, hospitality and healthcare. 

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Schaumburg, IL, 60173