Pearlescence Goes Horizontal

Lamin-Art Now Offers Pearlescence Products With Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection

Elk Grove Village, IL (March 2003) – Lamin-Art's Pearlescence products have long offered an eye-catching luster and an unparalleled depth that have made them a favorite in the design industry. Until now, the versatility of those unique products has been limited by their reduced melamine content, necessary to allow the vibrancy of the Pearlescence effect to shine through.

Lamin-Art, responding to the needs of the marketplace, announces the introduction of Oyster Shield High-Wear ProtectionTM, the result of a new manufacturing process that retains the beauty of Pearlescence while increasing its functionality. Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection provides Pearlesence products with the same durability you've come to rely on for horizontal applications. These products meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) specifications for abrasion/scratch resistance.

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