Case Study: Finish Options

Taking Advantage Of The Various Finishes Offered For HPL

Schaumburg, IL (October 2005) – When it comes to using high-pressure laminate in a project, an array of finishes are available for specification.  They range from the mirror-like high-gloss, to the very common textured; with in between finishes called satin, velvet, crystal or matte; and the recent emergence of wood grain or stone textures.  Despite the diversity of options available, textured remains an all-time favorite and represents the vast majority of all material sold.

In its recent trade show exhibit, Lamin-Art wanted to demonstrate how the selection of finishes can become part of the overall design, and how they can contribute to the visual impact of an application.

This was accomplished with the workstations that showcase a combination of three different finishes – namely Textured for the writing surface, Gloss for the sides of the cabinet and Chrysalis (a brushed metal texture) for the angled top and drawer fronts.  The work surface also features exposed core material instead of a conventional self-edge or trim.  The idea was to take advantage of the interdependence of high-pressure laminate, a decorative surface, with the core material it is applied onto, instead of trying to disguise it.

Reactions of visitors at various trade shows in 2005 proved that using a variety of finishes can turn a simple cabinet into an exciting piece.

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