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’40s – A new decorative niche for industrial grade high-pressure laminate Post World War II, manufacturers of high-pressure laminate predominantly used in industrial products discover a creative niche in the booming housing market. By adding a decorative sheet on the brown stack of kraft paper, whether a solid color or a simple print at the time, this durable material becomes an attractive surface for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and dinette sets.
’50s and ’60s – High-pressure decorative laminate and the emergence of suburban America Improvements in the manufacturing process and raw materials used in high-pressure decorative laminates broaden the design possibilities and make production simpler and more cost-effective. Through the Baby Boom, Lamin -Art’s most popular patterns were American Walnut, Natural Travertine, White La Jolla and Yellow Balboa.
’70s – The first realistic wood grain laminates The ’70s are characterized by a trend towards brighter colors, exotic woods and natural looking products. Lamin-Art launched its famous Koa and other wood grains such as California Oak and Butcher Block followed, as well as abstract designs like Harvest Nebula and Snow Drift, and the decade’s favorite solid colors: Avocado and Rally Orange!
’80s – A true design leader emerges The successful design initiatives of the ’70s helped solidify a niche positioning for Lamin-Art which really came to fruition in the ’80s. The decade marks several milestones for the company including a move from sunny California to windy Chicago and the launch of product collections that, to this day, set the company apart as an innovator and design leader.
’90s – Rapid growth and expansion In the 1990s, Lamin-Art experiences a fast growth through a targeted expansion of its now hallmark product lines and solidifies its design leader position in the North American marketplace.
2000s – A foray into new tactile surfaces At the turn of the new millennium, Lamin-Art initiates a foray into new finishes. The company’s design team wishes to further challenge the limited perception of high-pressure decorative laminate as a commodity, functional surface. A series of new tactile finishes are released and natural materials are imbedded in the surface.
2010s – Woods, metals, what’s next? Capitalizing on the successes of the last two decades and closely listening to the A/D community, Lamin-Art further explores finish and texture options, and adds an entirely new product to its portfolio: Metal-Art.
Lamin-Art joins the Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces family.
Lamin-Art explores a whole new avenue with Metal-Art, a selection of 24 embossed metallic surfaces featuring large-scale patterns designed for architectural applications.
Under the theme The Naturals, Lamin-Art presents Burlap – a unique HPL manufactured using natural jute cloth, which yields an organic look and subtle texture. The Corrugated finish also enhances select Abstract prints with a linear texture of alternating furrows and ridges. The entirely revamped Premium Wood Prints collection sees the addition of 23 realistic wood reproductions and the Fine Grain finish. These wood grains present distinctive wood features such as saw cuts, chisel markings, knots, and more – an aesthetic never-before-seen in HPL. The Gemstone Collection of 10 new pearlescent colors refreshes the Pearlescence line.
Veneer-Art is once again revamped to stay current with design trends and now contains 18 wood species.
Lamin-Art celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Pearlescence collection with the introduction of 32 new colors and 2 new finishes, bringing the collection to 50 colors and 6 finishes for a total of 300 mix-and-match options.
The Abstracts collection is enhanced with 15 additions.
Catalyst is launched. The spiral-etched pattern gives Pearlescence laminates the brilliance and texture of brushed metal. 10 more Premium Wood Prints are also added to the collection together with the new Supermatte finish, which gives selected items the appearance and texture of raw veneers.
Lamin-Art introduces Abacá, a collection of 10 decorative surfaces made by sprinkling recycled banana fibers atop a colored background. The fibers, harvesting residues sourced from Central and South American plantations, also yield a random texture.
The Premium Wood Prints collection is further expanded with 10 new exotic wood reproductions.
The Signature Collection is presented to the market. It consists of Lamin-Art’s designer’s private selection of sophisticated and complex designs rendered using interwoven layers of metallic inks and iridescent particles. The eclectic line is comprehensive of 18 wood reproductions and metallic prints all featuring uncommonly deep, luminous and multi-dimensional patterns. Lamin-Art also releases Chrysalis: a brand new finish producing a gently etched surface similar to brushed metal which is available on a selection of Pearlescence colors.
The Pearlescence collection welcomes 10 new items for a total of 24 – it is the broadest pearlescent colors collection in North America. The Oyster Shield High-Wear Protection is developed, making pearlescent colors suitable for horizontal applications. The Veneer-Art line is completely re-vamped: 19 new veneers are launched for a total of 22 pre-finished wood veneers in the collection.
The Inclusions series is developed: holographic film particles are added to the pulp of a new paper which is superimposed onto a colored background.
With Color-Art, Lamin-Art vows to bring pure, intense and saturated colors to the HPL palette. The company develops decorative papers printed with inks that do not contain any black pigments, and modifies the production process so that white barrier sheets are used between the decorative paper and the stack of impregnated kraft sheets. This ensures that the colors of the products remain as bright as possible, not getting “muddied” by a see-through effect of the brown kraft paper.
Lamin-Art partners with a European upholstery and wall covering manufacturer to create the Isochromatic® collection, which offers a selection of high-pressure decorative laminates which marry the colors of the fabrics.
Matthew Krog joins the ranks of Lamin-Art and soon becomes its Vice President
Launch of the Metalique collection of etched and anodized aluminum panels designed by Belgian artist Jean-Luc Bertrand.
After 3 years of R&D, Lamin-Art becomes the first high-pressure decorative laminate supplier to offer a range of products made with decorative papers printed using pearlized inks. The products, known today as the Pearlescence® collection, are initially sold under the Meta-Glow brand name.
Consistent with its product positioning, the company expands its sales force of Architectural Sales Representatives in order to have a presence with the A/D community from coast to coast.
Donald Krog, purchases the company and relocates its headquarters to Chicago, Illinois. Today, Lamin-Art remains a privately held supplier of decorative laminates in North America.
Veneer-Art is launched. In parallel with an outstanding collection of realistic wood prints, Lamin-Art wishes to give the A/D community the option to specify real, pre-finished, and durable wood veneers.
Hans Mutzke becomes Lamin-Art’s Design Director. He follows suit with a complete collection of Premium Veneer Prints® developed with the Japanese paper printers. It initiates a strong partnership that has helped set Lamin-Art apart based on the refined aesthetics of its decorative surface. The initial collection is comprehensive of 6 designs, one of which is still available today: 3001 – Honey Birdseye Maple.
Koa, the first accurate decorative laminate representation, of a rare and expensive veneer is developed in collaboration with a Japanese decorative paper supplier. A huge success for the company, Koa is propelled to a top seller as it covers a new Hilton property in Honolulu. Koa is then selected by other hotels, and even becomes popular for the residential market because of the uniqueness and beauty of the print. It paves the way for clear, crisp and realistic looking wood prints which are one of the company’s trademarks.
With Donald Krog at the helm, Lamin-Art makes the strategic choice to focus its creative efforts solely on designs for commercial specification.
Donald Krog, the current owner, is employed by Lamin-Art as a salesman and makes his way up the ranks to Vice President, General Manager. The company was then a subsidiary of a larger conglomerate with a presence on the West Coast.
Lamin-Art is founded as a manufacturer of high-pressure laminate. The company is located in the Los Angeles area.
1670 Basswood Road
Schaumburg, IL, 60173