What Inspires Us: Inspiration Around Every Corner

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What Inspires Us: Inspiration Around Every Corner

For Lamin-Art, inspiration for the new line came from completely modern architectural elements. Design director Hans Mutzke cited China’s National Stadium, more commonly known as the “Bird’s Nest” from the 2008 Summer Olympics, as a source of inspiration behind the Axis line’s embossed design.

“We find a lot of top retail stores are also using those types of images to carry a theme for the future,” Mutzke says. “Where others use glass and other elements, we’re using aluminum foil that is bonded and embossed to our standard craft.”

Mutzke added that while competitors do produce some smaller metal laminates, what sets Metal-Art™ apart from the competition is its dimensionality and scale. “The Metal-Art collection is meant to serve a large-volume space, like a major hotel reception area or feature walls,” he says.

Another attribute exclusive to the Metal-Art laminate line is its light reflectivity. The two-layer embossing allows light to bounce off the embossed elements, making a light and shadow effect on the design.

“It’s a subtle visual image, and that is really a language,” Mutzke says. “It’s an architectural language.”

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