Top 10 Lamin-Art Products: Jan. – Jun. 2014

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Top 10 Lamin-Art Products: Jan. – Jun. 2014

More than half the year has gone by, which means it’s time to take a look at the top 10 Lamin-Art products for 2014 (so far). Specifically, we’re going to examine the laminates that have been our top sellers from January to June.

The most popular surface, by a wide margin, has been Premium Wood Prints 3051 Natural Teak. Natural Teak was used extensively by the NBBJ architectural firm in the Montlake Tower expansion on the University of Washington Medical Center campus in Seattle, which opened in October of 2012.

Applied on headwalls, hallways, and doors inside the Montlake Tower, 3051 Natural Teak offered the perfect balance of warmth and durability. Plus, the team needed to find a product that would complement the design of the existing facility, which relied on natural and wood elements.

Premium Wood Prints 3051 Natural Teak was also used in the oncology division on porches that they placed outside of each patient room. The porches have a two-fold effect: They give the illusion of breaking down the long corridor, and their wooden surface adds a much-needed warmth to the space.

It’s no surprise that the remaining nine products that made our top selling list have a natural or elemental aesthetic about them. We’ve seen a recent resurgence in the popularity of naturals and neutrals—from the stone mineral of Abstracts 5062 Metalene Astro to the warm neutral of Pearlescence 2428 Bisque to the richness of Premium Wood Prints 2613 Bronze Ribbon Mahogany.

In office design and restaurants, we’re seeing more wood grains and natural tones being used alongside bold, bright colors. The bold pops of color contrast beautifully against natural and neutral tones, which results in a modern aesthetic that portrays forward thinking and openness.

And, with Biophilic Design, it’s no surprise that the use of natural elements, wood grains, and warm, calming colors is surging in the healthcare industry. These surfaces help designers create environments that are more comforting and positive.


1. Premium Wood Prints 3051 Natural Teak >> CASE STUDY
2. Pearlescence 2428 Bisque >> CASE STUDY
3. Premium Wood Prints 3050 Oiled Teak
4. Pearlescence 2300 Platinum >> CASE STUDY
5. Pearlescence 2102 Royal Pewter
6. Pearlescence 2451 Shadow
7. Premium Wood Prints 2613 Bronze Ribbon Mahogany
8. Pearlescence 2420 Mineral Gold
9. Pearlescence 2407 Taupe >> CASE STUDY
10. Abstracts 5062 Metalene Astro

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