Surfacing Solutions at GlobalShop

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Surfacing Solutions at GlobalShop

This week we’re at GlobalShop, the largest shopper marketing expo and conference in the U.S. that brings together the retail and design communities to display their latest products, learn the latest trends and connect with consumers.

This year, designers and architects don’t have to travel to Beijing, Milan, Seoul or Shanghai—or the other seven prestigious Material ConneXion Libraries—to view our collection of advanced, innovative, surfacing materials. Instead, they’re experiencing them first hand.

Acting as a catalyst for new material and product ideas, Material ConneXion is dedicated to identifying industry trends, providing a comprehensive overview of today’s innovative and sustainable material solutions, and ‘feeding the soul’ of designers.
And with the addition of Metal-Art, Pearlescence Gemstone, and Naturals Burlap, the library now holds half of Lamin-Art’s six collections.

“Our collections are designed to answer the call from designers and architects for new ideas and materials,” says Hans Mutzke, Design Director at Lamin-Art. “Being recognized and included in the Material ConneXion libraries is a premiere endorsement of our legacy of design innovation.”

Featuring a shining display of Metal-Art, an exclusive collection of metallic surfaces that has been recognized by the renowned Material ConneXion Library, booth 879 will be a place for attendees to discover numerous innovative surfacing solutions.

In addition, Lamin-Art will be debuting their newly redesigned binder kits, which are the first of their kind in the industry. The three-binder set has one standard portfolio binder, as well as two texturally stimulating condensed binders that highlight their two most distinguished collections: Metal-Art and Veneer-Art.

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