Project of the Month: Lounging with Lamin-Art (student edition)

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Project of the Month: Lounging with Lamin-Art (student edition)

This month’s project pick comes from Kristi L. Koch, project manager/architect at the University of Texas at Austin. As the project manager of the University’s Division of Housing and Food Service (DHFS), Koch was assigned to remodel a student lounge in 2010.

When it came time to settle on a decorative surface for the project, she knew that a college student space would require a color accent and decided to channel that pop of color through the lounge’s furniture.

“Lamin-Art offered color selections that were unique and complimented the facility,” Koch says. “We wanted a laminate that would add a subdued “sparkle” to the space, and Lamin-Art accomplished that.”

She chose Abstracts #5028-T Copper Brushtone Textured and #7902-VT Rustic Bronze for the 60” round tables, and went with Pearlescence 2300-T Platinum for the smaller coffee tables.

And we’re happy to report that three years later, our products have withstood the wear and tear that comes with college students’ long nights and social gatherings. “The project was completed in 2010 and still looks new,” Koch says. “The pictures show the furniture’s heavy use and reflect the product durability.”

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