NEW! Simply Solid: Our Solid Colors Collection

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NEW! Simply Solid: Our Solid Colors Collection

Cool blues, lively grays, soft neutrals and zesty warm colors make up the NEW Solid Colors collection Lamin-Art introduced this month. Another collection to add to the brand’s trend-setting portfolio, Solid Colors offers 30 surfaces in two new finishes: Diamond*, a polished, high-gloss finish, and Vellum, a parchment-like, matte finish that is soft to the touch.

“Color can do so much for a space,” says Lamin-Art Design Director Hans Mutzke. “It can be the neutral backdrop, the accent that ties a space together, or the burst of energy in an interior. I aimed to capture the essence of each possibility with the colors in this collection.”

Mutzke drew inspiration from his passion for eclectic patterns and the allure of high fashion to create a palette that has a balance of warm, cool and vibrant colors. And with an emphasis on shade and hue, the collection as a whole acts as a compliment to the designed space, while having a positive effect on the end user.

“Since the times of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, color was used as a healing power,” Mutzke says.

That philosophy holds true today, since colors have an influence on behavior, mood and attitude. This collection aims to help designers create the optimal environments using color.

9230 Dusk Blue | 9229 Hydrangea | 9214 Nocturnal Blue | 9219 Celadon | 9217 Celery | 9218 Cool Lime | 9206 Lunar Sand | 9204 Classic Beige

9216 Lemon Zest | 9220 Seascape | 9221 Tropical Teal | 9225 Capri | 9226 Sky Blue | 9224 Hibiscus | 9223 Dahlia | 9222 Lavender

9202 Pearl White | 9201 Deluxe White | 9208 Cloud | 9205 Sterling | 9209 Couture Gray | 9212 Contemporary Gray | 9210 Gray | 9211 Glacier Gray | 9204 Classic Beige | 9203 Alabaster

9227 Cobalt | 9228 Intense Purple | 9207 Chocolate | 9219 Slate Gray |9215 Carbon Black

Each of the 30 designs is ideal for retail, hospitality, corporate, education, and more. Available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ sheets, Standard Grade and Vertical Grade.

,p>*Diamond finish is recommended for vertical/low-wear applications and is available in Standard Grade only (thickness: .039”/0.7mm)


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