New Sales Tools Elevate Design and Simplify Specification

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New Sales Tools Elevate Design and Simplify Specification

At Lamin-Art, our goal is to be innovative not only in our designs and finishes, but also in our sales tools and processes. And each tool we introduce this year is intended to simplify designers’ jobs by being intuitive. So for the first time in our industry, we’re offering newly designed, compact binders and an updated wallrack that is both visually stimulating and also improves efficiency.

Compact Binders
Packaged neatly with our newly redesigned product binders, these collection-specific binders offer a closer look at two of our most innovative collections: Veneer-Art and Metal-Art. And, while these two additions are condensed in size, they offer a visually captivating, tactile experience with each collection, beckoning designers to touch and feel the distinct designs.

Newly Designed Wallrack
Additionally, our updated wallrack has been redesigned to eliminate chain sets and simplify sample ordering. Each sample chip includes a QR code that syncs with our online orders. Now, when ordering replacements, designers can simply use their smartphone to capture the QR code, which takes them directly to the sample on our website. Once they place their order, the samples ship within 24 hours.

As the year kicks off, each of our architectural representatives across the country will be updating resource libraries with our new wallracks and binders.

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