Meet the Team: Tiffany Rushing

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Meet the Team: Tiffany Rushing

Tiffany Rushing, a Lamin-Art team-member since 2007, is the Senior Architectural Representative for Lamin-Art in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. In her role as the local face of the company, Tiffany represents Lamin-Art well, creating lasting relationships and providing customers her expert knowledge. Since the beginning of her career, Tiffany obtained the necessary skills that make her so valuable.

“I attended Maryville University of St. Louis and graduated with my B.F.A. in Interior Design,” says Tiffany. “Shortly after graduating I started in sales and knew with my outgoing, friendly personality and drive to succeed I would excel as an architectural representative. I’m passionate about the surfacing materials I represent at Lamin-Art and about the job I do every day.”

In her nearly nine years at Lamin-Art, Tiffany has experienced quite a bit. Between rapidly evolving public taste and the effect of the 2008 recession on the greater industry, her customer’s needs (and even their job descriptions) have changed drastically.

“I’ve seen the industry change in many ways,” says Tiffany. “I see architects and designers wearing more hats than ever before; their job responsibilities have doubled in many cases. I take it into consideration when meeting with them, and I am truly thankful for the time they set aside for me in their busy day.”

This empathy for her customers is one of the many reasons Tiffany has been so successful at Lamin-Art. Her expertise is invaluable to our team. According to her, however, honesty and relationship-building are the true qualities that make her so good at her job.

“I’ve always felt my most valuable quality as an architectural representative is to be honest,” says Tiffany. “When I’m asked for my honest opinion from people in the field, I give it. I know my honesty has helped to form trusting working relationships and beautiful friendships in the A&D community.”

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What Keeps You Passionate about the Industry?
It is easy to stay passionate about this industry because it’s ever-changing. I’m constantly on my toes waiting for the innovative influencers like Lamin-Art within the industry to release new and exciting concepts and products that designers get excited about using in their environments.

What’s Your Favorite Lamin-Art Product?
My favorite Lamin-Art collection is the Premium Wood Prints. I’ve worked here since 2007, and I still love hearing from designers how realistic they look and how impressed they are with the depth we achieved in the wood grain. I’m truly proud to present our Premium Wood Prints Collection, and love watching the designers get excited about the variety we have to choose from. It is one small finish selection that can make a designer’s vision come to life in the space, and make a lasting impact on the user!

What’s One Thing You Love to Do in Your Spare Time?
Spare time, what is that!? I have two young boys, there is not a lot of time left for myself most days. But when I get a chance, one of my interests is CrossFit. In the spring and summer, you can find my husband and I with our boys in the back yard—covered in dirt and soil—tending to our fruit and vegetable gardens.

,p>Favorite Quote?
“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value” –Albert Einstein

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