Meet the Team: George Gibson

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Meet the Team: George Gibson

It is difficult to believe George Gibson joined the Lamin-Art team only seven months ago. Since coming aboard as a sales representative, George applied his passion and skill to his new role and made an immediate impact. According to George, he joined Lamin-Art because he firmly believes in the future success of the company.

“By the time I saw the job posting, I was already drawn to Lamin-Art by our reputation,” says George. “I’ve been an architectural representative for many years and all I ever heard about Lamin-Art was positive. Now I’m part of the team, I’m really excited about the future of the company.”

As a sales representative, George spends most of his time interacting with designers. Whether he is processing sample orders or meeting with a designer, his day is filled ensuring Lamin-Art’s customers have the resources to achieve their design vision. While years of experience in the Texas A&D community inform his daily role, George is truly successful because of his passion.

“I am definitely a high-energy person, and I really enjoy what I do. I always try to be forward thinking when it comes to my approach to our industry and determining how Lamin-Art can fit in to every project.”

George’s passion, integrity and experience are already proving invaluable to Lamin-Art. Witnessing the impact he has had in only seven months, we are excited to have George as part of the team as Lamin-Art continues into the future.

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What do you like most about working at Lamin-Art?
“I’ve found Lamin-Art holds a unique position in the market. Our customers perceive our products to be better than most of our competition. Our product lines and collections are very well received in the A&D and fabricator communities. This makes my job much more interesting because the interaction with design teams is more exciting when they appreciate our products.”

Do you have a favorite product collection?
“That would have to be the Metal-Art collection. It is stunning. Many designers are specifying Metal-Art for their projects.”

What motivates you?
“The opportunity and freedom afforded to me by Lamin-Art to establish myself as a worthy employee, and to contribute to the team by always pressing for a greater relationship and greater sales.”

Favorite Pastime?
“That’s easy! Photography! In my spare time my wife and I enjoy going on photo safaris. Whether animals, landscapes or architecture, just getting the right shot that stands out is great fun.”

Favorite Quote?
Without a doubt the quote my grandmother taught me many years ago still holds true. The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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