Meet the Team: Candace Morris

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Meet the Team: Candace Morris

Candace Morris is an architectural representative serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Six months into her tenure at Lamin-Art, Candace brings a wealth of experience and passion for interior design fostered during her 25 years as a designer and project manager. In her role at Lamin-Art, she enjoys meeting with architects, designers, and fabricators to help them bring their projects to life.

“As an architectural rep I have many roles and responsibilities,” says Candace. “I educate the design community about Lamin-Art products. I am a design consultant, recommending the use and possibilities of the products. I am a problem solver. It’s like spinning dishes, it keeps you on your toes and very active.”

Candace possesses a natural empathy with clients and a sharp ability to zero in on their specific needs, skills that were honed during her years as a designer. She understands the flow of her clients’ projects as well as how to relate to all manner of A&D professionals, from designers to architects, millworkers and fabricators. Even with this vast knowledge and skill-set, she insists her ability to succeed in her role is due to the support of the entire Lamin-Art team.

“Each and every Lamin-Art employee is part of the team, with their own role in making the day-to-day operation function and thrive,” says Candace. “We know we can depend on each other to get our jobs done. It is part of the reason we are the best in the laminate industry.”

Candace’s passion and promise to treat her clients the way they deserve to be treated helps Lamin-Art continue to be the go-to partner for commercial design projects. Lamin-Art is certainly lucky to have her as a representative. For her part, Candace appreciates her role with the company.

“I am proud to be an architectural rep for Lamin-Art,” says Candace. “The name speaks for itself. The products from Lamin-Art have always been progressive and represent a certain standard.”

More about Candace

What keeps you passionate about Lamin-Art and the industry itself?
Commercial Design excites me. All buildings have unique features and each one has a design that has been well thought out and executed. I am thrilled to be a part of that process. Design with time is always changing. I like evolving with those changes. Lamin-Art is always evolving and adding new products. This makes the job exciting, motivating and interesting.

Favorite Lamin-Art product?
I like all of our collections. Right now I am excited to present the new Solid Color collection, especially in the new high-gloss, diamond finish. Whenever I pull the solid color samples out everyone gets very excited. This “pop” of color has really made the design community sit-up and take notice. The vellum finish is also great and has a wonderful texture to it. It is different, and I like that.

What’s your favorite pastime?
I love to spend time outside. I bike, golf, play tennis, and ski in the winter. I also enjoy walking and hiking. One memory I have is of a hike I took with my husband and children on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We came across a mother bear and her two cubs. It was almost too close for comfort, but close enough to enjoy the encounter and hike side-by-side with them!

Favorite quote?
“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

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