Meet the Team: Blanca Alejandre

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Meet the Team: Blanca Alejandre

Meet Blanca Alejandre: the last person to touch your samples before they ship, and the first person to start dancing in the warehouse. She’s our Samples Team Supervisor, and the spark of energy behind the scenes that keeps us motivated each day.

Since starting with Lamin-Art 18 years ago, see has bared witness to numerous product launches and knows the process well. “I love new design introductions and am always ecstatic when orders start coming in. With each new introduction I make sure to know the line inside and out—the numbers, the patterns, everything—then I train my team so there are no mistakes.”

She’s proud of her four-person team and sees them as being on the front line of Lamin-Art’s quality control efforts. “From the chains and brochures to the wall racks and updated sample kits, my team puts everything together by hand to ensure it’s the highest quality and best representation of our products,” she says.

And it’s the experience of the team, she says, that enables their quality control success. “Mark has been here for more than 20 years, Sonia for 14 years, and Ali for 11 years. That’s more than 60 years of experience! Having an internal team with that much knowledge putting everything together differentiates us, and ensures our clients get the right products every time.”

But it’s not just their experience that sets the team ahead; it’s also their camaraderie. “We are a great team and work well together,” Blanca explains. “We aren’t just co-workers; we’re family.”

Described as being infectiously happy by her co-workers, Blanca also loves finding the company’s products in use. “I always have my eye out for our product when I’m walking around or running errands. It’s exciting to see the products I work with every day in use in really sleek and beautiful spaces.”


What do you like most about working at Lamin-Art?
“The energy that’s in our warehouse. You won’t find it anywhere else.”

What’s your most important quality for your current position?
“Experience and spunk. I don’t micromanage my team. My experience allows me to know how long things take, so therefore my team knows how long things should take. So I simply give someone a project and let them do their thing. There’s no pressure, just fun.”

Favorite Pastime
“I love wrestling and football because my kids wrestle and play football. I’ve come to love spending my Saturdays in sweaty gyms in the winter and on hot fields in the summer watching my kids do what they love. I also love dancing—if you put on music, not matter the genre, I’ll start dancing.”

Favorite Product:
“That’s easy: Burlap. I love it because it’s natural and, in my 18 years here, I’ve never seen anything else like it. Plus our sampling department cuts the burlap textile to size, and then we send it to out to be laminated, so I enjoy being a part of the process from start to finish—and then finding it installed in high-end spaces.”

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