Meet the Team: Tracy Lewis

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Meet the Team: Tracy Lewis

Meet Tracy Lewis: Our resident yoga instructor and the think tank of ideas to help make designers’ lives easier.

Before joining Lamin-Art’s family nearly 5 years ago, Tracy was a designer for 18 years. Her experience on the other side of the coin gives her a keen eye for what designers are looking for—and an understanding of the hoops they often have to jump through to ensure their specs go through to the final installation.

“I use the experiences from my time as a designer every day,” she says. “Because I know the design process from the inside out, I find myself speaking the same language as designers, which allows us to connect on another level.”

Representing the Ohio and Pittsburgh territories, Tracy meets with designers, updates libraries, presents products and CEU classes, and provides insight to designers when asked. The most exciting part to her is helping designers find the needle in the haystack of new and unique finishes.

“Having the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of trends with collections like Burlap and Metal-Art, I’m always excited to share our new introductions,” she says. “The most exciting part of my day is to see a designer’s reaction to a new product we have.”

And with interior design running through her veins, Tracy becomes more and more passionate each day. “Staying passionate about the industry is easy,” she says. “When you’re doing something you love, it becomes an extension of you.


What do you like most about working at Lamin-Art?
“What I like is two-fold. The first thing I think about is being able to rep such beautiful product. It’s hard to get behind a product you don’t love or believe in, but Lamin-Art’s designs are something I’m proud to represent.

I also love the dynamic of my job. My days are always different, and I get to work with designers. And even though Lamin-Art holds a big footprint in the industry, it’s family-owned, so I know I’m not just a number. Questions get answered and ideas are heard, and that’s fantastic.”

What’s your most important quality for your current position?
“I bring a design background coupled with common sense. I can anticipate what a designer needs and work hard to make sure we’re doing everything to meet those needs.”

Favorite Pastime
“I’m actually a certified yoga instructor and teach classes here and there. I’ve always been active, but never worked out to the point where it became meditative—you know, the “runners high.” When I started taking yoga I fell in love with the mind-body connection. And about five years ago I got certified to teach.”

Favorite Product:
“I actually have a favorite collection: our Premium Wood Prints collection. From the design point of view, when you specify woodprints you’re looking for sight lines and a print with a large pattern. Premium Wood Prints is the only woodprint out there that you can stand 15 feet away from and still see the wood grain. Do the same with a competitor’s and it looks like a lot of brown.”

Favorite Quotes
“Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” – Albert Einstein.
“I owe my color sense to crayons!” – Angelo Rafael Donghia, New York Times.

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