Enabling Autistic Individuals Through Design

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Enabling Autistic Individuals Through Design

Download “Impact of Interior Design on Autistic Adults and Children,” at healthcaredesignmagazine.com/AutismDesign. The white paper discusses a rising design trend and provides guidelines to create stimulating environments for autistic individuals

Think of how you experience the world—it’s through touch, smell, and sight. For the 1 in 68 people born with autism, each sense is heightened so that walking into a room that isn’t designed thoughtfully can feel like a sensory minefield.

After listening to ASID CEO Randy Fiser speak about Autism Design at Neocon last year, we decided to dig a little deeper into the topic and find out how it relates to surfacing. What we discovered is that surfaces like laminates and veneers play a large role in creating soothing atmospheres that enable individuals with autism—specifically as it relates to color.

“We found that cool tones like violets often soothe autistic individuals,” says Hans Mutzke, Design Director at Lamin-Art. “That was definitely a contributing factor of why we included surfaces within that color family in our new Solid Colors collection.”

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Built on a foundation of principles that focus on the effect design has on perception and behavior, Autism Design has transformed from a trend to a movement—specifically in commercial spaces like hospitals, education environments, and more.

We’re proud to introduce our newest white paper on Autism Design, titled “Impact of Interior Design on Autistic Adults and Children.” It brings together numerous experts in multi-sensory disorders and interior design, discusses the importance of Autism Design, and reveals design goals and guidelines to successfully achieve a soothing and stimulating environment that enables autistic individuals.

Thank you to each of the industry and area experts who helped advance our research.

“Designers who create interiors for people with autism have taken the best
of their training and applied it to the world of an individual who experiences
life and space in a very special way.”

—Randy Fiser, CEO, ASID


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