Designing with Nature in Mind

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Designing with Nature in Mind

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At Lamin-Art, we believe in providing leading-edge educational content to help interior design professionals consistently promote the value of design to their clients and business decision makers. As a generalization, business people want quantitative information to inform and support their decisions. When they’re considering the effect of design on human beings in the interior environment, they also factor in the potential financial impact of these decisions on their businesses.

Based on the their needs, we have created a new continuing education program (CEU) Human Benefits of Designing with Nature. The content of this CEU provides empirical data based on scientific research conducted by Terrapin Bright Green and their study, The Economics of Biophilia: Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Financial Sense. It provides quantitative support and return on investment (ROI) for the benefits of bringing nature into the interior environment on human beings.

In design, we have long recognized and promoted the benefits from a qualitative point of view. Thanks to the research study by Terrapin Bright Green, Lamin-Art has introduced this important new CEU, which demonstrates the quantitative support for these design decisions.

The attached summary of its key points has been developed to provide sound bytes to help design professionals in their conversations with business decision makers. These facts support the financial impact of design concepts integrating nature, across major market sectors including Healthcare, Education, Workplace, Retail, and Communities. (link)

The Lamin-Art exclusive CEU is accredited by the IDCEC, AIA, and the GBCI for .1 hour credit for Health, Safety, and Welfare, HSW, and Sustainability.
Georgy Olivieri MBA, LEED AP
Vice President of Sales

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