Design in an Age of Globalization

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Design in an Age of Globalization

“In an age of globalization, there is an increasing need for rarity, individualism and uniqueness in the selection of materials that make up our interior spaces and environments. As a result, we have crafted surface materials that allow architects and designers to create multisensory experiences that translate into lasting impressions.”
—Hans Mutzke, Design Director, Lamin-Art

It seems fitting that nearly 30 years after introducing our first Pearlescence collection in 1984, we’ve gone back to our roots and refined and expanded our pioneering use of pearlized inks in the manufacturing of high-pressure decorative laminates. And, in keeping with Hans’ vision of creating multisensory experiences, we’ve expanded our color ranges and developed a variety of new finishes and textures to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving color trends in commercial interior design.

Although we’ve mentioned some of these additions before, we invite you to read on to learn more about our new options for bringing your design vision to life

Pearlescence: New Colors, New Finish

Depth, shine and rhythmic vitality beyond the scope of standard color options; a surface that would come alive and interact with viewers when properly lit. These were the qualities we treasured when we introduced our first Pearlescence collection in 1984.

Through several developments, including both new colors and innovative finishes, we have gone back to our roots and found inspiration in the unique beauty and vibrancy of precious and semiprecious gemstones.

Inspired by their radiance, we introduced 11 new colors in our Pearlescence Gemstone collection. Featuring a full range of expressive hues with a dimensionality not found in standard solid colors, the collection uses pearlized ink to produce solid color designs with the same reflective qualities found in haute couture make-up. Unique in the marketplace, Lamin-Art has the most extensive line of pearlescent architectural surfaces.

Please visit to view all 405 unique combinations of colors and finishes, learn more about the collection, and request your samples.

Abstracts: Complete your Design Palette


The newest introduction to our product portfolio is our Abstracts collection, which gives you a complete palette of surfacing materials that are designed to coordinate with our other collections.

Now designers can draw from a complete palette of coordinating surfacing materials. The seven new designs and 17 colorations all embody the essence of the materials that inspired them, from ancient frescos and industrial concrete to the rich colors and textures of desert sands. And, each has been designed to harmonize with our collections of realistic woodprints; pearlescent solid colors; pre-finished, real wood veneers; organic textures; and architecturally-scaled, embossed metals.

The designs also combine with the original designs in our Abstracts collection, so you can truly accentuate your ideas.


An ode to designers and architects, Metal-Art features architecturally scaled, three-dimensional designs with an artisan touch. The five designs and four colorations create 24 metal designs that combine textural drama and elegance.

“Designers and architects are the visionaries defining the future of our spaces and environments,” says Hans Mutzke, Lamin-Art’s design director. “This breakthrough collection answers the call from interior designers and architects for new ideas and materials.”

Designers Hans Mutzke and Virginie Boucher even had the foresight to make the designs seamlessly match when Metal-Art™ sheets are applied side-by-side and end-to-end. Made by using hot pressing a sheet of real metal into impregnated kraft paper with a hand-carved embossing plate, each sheet of Metal-Art can be applied using the same tools, substrates and adhesives as high-pressure decorative laminate.

Veneer-Art: Real Wood—Only Better

A unique line of pre-finished, non-reconstituted wood veneers, Veneer-Art combines the natural beauty and richness of real, hand-selected wood with the superior durability of high-pressure laminate.

Our unique production process preserves the grain structure and texture of each species, while our melamine finish creates a surface as durable as laminate. And because Veneer-Art is pre-finished, no VOCs are released during the manufacturing process or at the installation site. Plus, the real wood veneer line has low permeability, acting as a barrier against possible formaldehyde emissions from the substrate.

Premium Wood Prints: Selection, Style, and Relaxed Elegance

Working from our global vision, and focusing on neutral tones and distinctive grain structures, we have embodied an entirely new, more relaxed sense of elegance for the 23 new wood interpretations we added to our Premium Wood Prints collection.

“There is a renewed interest in letting the wood reveal all of its natural defects or character markings,” notes our Design Director, Hans Mutzke. “So we have created new designs that present realistic characteristics such as saw cuts and chisel markings, knots and other natural features. They are authentic representations of rough sawn, washed or weathered woods.”

From subdued to dramatic, rustic to refined, naturally warm to elegantly cool, each of our wood prints is carefully designed to reflect the true beauty of natural wood. The collection offers a broad spectrum of species and hues to elevate the impact of the designed space.

Naturals: Burlap and Abacá


The Naturals Burlap design renders the random natural beauty of actual jute textile with the protective surface of a high-performance decorative laminate. Burlap, a rapidly renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable material, is at the heart of the series, which brings an earthy aesthetic with a tactile user experience. The irregularities found in the textile communicate its beauty with rare authenticity.

Recycled banana fibers give our popular Naturals Abacá series its truly organic look and naturally dimensional surface. Beyond the eye-catching, nature-inspired hues, the environmental benefits of these designs give the collection a distinctive appeal. From the warmth of Muslin to the coolness of Slate you’re sure to find an option that can help inspire your next design.

Both of these designs add tangible differences in the user experience of interior environments. Explore both collections in entirety at

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